Sunday, March 17, 2013

NYX Matte Nail Polish in Sky Blue

Earlier this week, my husband and I went to the doctor to have our cough (and his asthma) checked. In the hospital, I noticed a girl sporting cute pastel blue polish on her fingers and toes. I envy people who can keep their fingernails and toenails painted with the same colors. Haha! I change my manicure too often that my pedicure couldn't keep up. :)

Anywho, she made me want to wear a pastel blue myself. And I knew just the polish to try on! This is NYX Matte nail polish in Sky Blue which came with my polish swap from Jeiflyn.

This was done in 3 thin coats. I really like the satin matte finish. It was just right, not too matte that it looked flat or dry. I was thinking to myself that I feel like I have Barbie's nails for some reason... I don't know why exactly. :) For me, it looks very clean and neat. I could almost call this mannequin nails, but then they're in baby blue and not nude or skin tone. Hehe!

It's very pretty and I think it's just perfect for the weather! We're starting to get more of those scorching hot summer days, like searing heat the moment you step out of the house. I bet we'll see more of these pastels as spring and Easter approaches. This looks like a great backdrop for an Easter egg nail art. Don't you think so? It has a similar smooth eggshell finish. I like!

The only thing you have to be careful with is making sure that they dry completely. Otherwise, you could get small creases, and these are quite delicate when still wet. It's formulated to be matte. So there's really no protection for the polish. But it's the 4th day that I'm wearing this and I'm still loving it! I'd dare say that the wear on this is pretty good!

Not sure if my nails worked with this outfit, but here's what I wore to my lunch date with Jor-el. I was craving for some Eggs Benedict and we ended up at Bizu! Yum! :)

Jellybean cape button down shirt, Zara floral print shorts, Tonic Bags and Shoes Lillian gold spiked sandals, Jellybean tribal necklace.

Eggs Benedict at Bizu, The Fort (Yumm!!)

What colors would you like to see for spring (or summer here in Manila)? :)


  1. Your eggs benedict looks like a face hahaha. Wow day four I'm impressed! And you got the finish right - eggshell!

    1. Hahahaha you're right! I just noticed! haha that's funny :)

      It actually ended up staying on my nails until day 6. It just got tip wear, no chips, save for the nail that I kind of bit hehe I have a bad habit of bending my nails or putting them between teeth when they get too long. :D You got me hooked by the way! I'm looking out for more colors of this! I really love the finish! Thank you!! <3

  2. Your sandals are adorable! May I ask where they have Tonic?

    1. Hi Reg, thank you!

      Tonic Bags and Shoes are available in the following store locations in the Philippines: People's Village, Tiendesitas (Outlet Store); The Ramp, Glorietta; The Ramp, Trinoma; Wisdom, Archeology Wing, Rockwell; PopCulture, Alabang Town Center; and Ayala, Cebu (inside The Maze)

      You can also order online. Check her facebook page here: and follow her in Instagram @tonicbagsshoes :D Enjoy!!

  3. The matte polish looks so classy and cool, I've never tried NYX nail polishes before but they look like they'd be good :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check out my blog for more details :D

  4. yum yum yum!! that food looks so good! and your nail polish color is pretty :)
    i love your lip color too btw!

    - sarah -