Thursday, May 28, 2015

2 Years of ELIN PH

There is one brand that I always recommend to friends who are expecting--Elin.

Elin is an apparel brand with a collection of timeless and comfortable wardrobe essentials for women, including Maternity and Nursing wear. The brand is Manila-based and proudly Philippine-made.

My first Elin purchase was from Mother's Day of 2014. I was 5 months pregnant then and I was no longer feeling comfortable with my regular clothes. It was time to invest in maternity wear. Elin offered 20% off for purchases that week and I can still remember the promo code "LOVEMOM". I've been addicted ever since. Addicted to the point of checking the New Arrivals section almost every day, addicted to the point of going through every single blog entry, addicted to the point of stalking their Instagram account, addicted to the point of buying at least a piece of clothing every month since... In short, yes. I'm addicted to Elin.

When I find certain styles that fit me exceptionally well, I get it in multiple colors! For example, I have my favorite Ellie nursing tee in white, black, purple, gray, blue dots, and navy dots. I have another white as a backup, and I'm in the process of getting another one in peach. Hehe! I highly regret returning fuschia (the original one looked like a bright red coral--not pink), which is one of my favorite Elin colors. I don't know what I was thinking. I also got the Ellie dress version in maroon, which is nice for the holidays or Chinese special occasions. The Ellie tee is the perfect nursing top, whether for going out, sleeping in, or lounging around. You can easily dress it up or dress it down depending on what bottom you pair it with. It's such a versatile piece of clothing! Most importantly, it has excellent nursing access! Just set the collar aside and pull up the inner wear; and viola! You're out!

My baby doesn't drink from the bottle and only nurses from me directly. He is happy when I can feed him anytime, anywhere, with speed and agility! Haha!

Me and happy baby Kal-el

Then, I have the Cecilia nursing dress in navy, charcoal, red, and mulberry. I also have the Cecilia maxi dress version in midnight blue. 

Cecilia nursing dress in Charcoal (Medium)

I also have the Marlowe tee (which I recently use as a nusing cover) in blue stripes, white, and fushia; the Madeline tee in blue stripes, olive stripes, and black stripes; the Amanda dress in black, cobalt, and red violet; the Maggie dress in black, dark green, and rust... Oh my God! The list goes on and on. I'll stop here because I'm exposing my terrible spending habits. 

As I said, I buy those that fit me exceptionally well in multiple colors. The challenge is that I find many that fit well because the fabric and styles are very forgiving! 

For me, Elin is a worthwhile investment. I've worn my Elin clothing during pregnancy, after pregnancy, and during nursing. I hope to have a big family with 5 kids, maybe more, so I believe they're clothes that I'll be able to wear again and again and again. That's value for money.

To the team of Elin, thank you for designing your clothes and making them easily available to us. Thank you also for being so responsive and accommodating. I find it hard to buy clothes online because I'm quite picky with the sizing (I have weird proportions) and I almost always don't get it right the first time around. You help me find the perfect fit and always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction! I hope you continue to empower so many women through your clothes. Congratulations to your 2 wonderful years and may you have many more successful years to come!!

I'm still flattered that you considered inviting me to your party! The invite in itself was a lovely surprise!

Lovely blooms by The Floralist

#notd in OPI That's Berry Daring ;)

Thank you for having me and my friend, Jeelai! We had a good time meeting the faces behind the brand; and we sure appreciate the intimate brunch and the awesome goodies we got to take home with us!

Our creative and colorful backdrop. Love DIY!

Jeelai in her gray Marlowe dress and me in my favorite black Ellie nursing tee.

Elin's Kathleen King and my friend Jeelai, twinsies wearing the Marlowe dress in gray! Dressed up or dressed down, it's a blank canvas for you to express your personality!


Thanks again for the giveaways c/o Elin, Philosophy, Messy Bessy, The Bald Baker, One Life Studio, The Floralist, The Juice Barista, Lasting Impressions, and Postscript Designs. Photo credit to Jeelai Tecson. I got the Elin multiway circle scarf in mint green, but I was too excited to open all the stuff that I didn't get to take a picture of my crate! Hehe!

Thank you Martine, from Make It Blissful, for the Philosophy fan favorites! I'm also a follower of the brand and I'll be able to use these for travel! I don't know if you recall, but you gave me advice on Instagram as to which size to wear for the Agnes tee and the maxi skirt (i.e. medium)! And they fit me perfectly! Thanks!

Whether you are currently pregnant, nursing, or just looking for something comfortable to wear, head out to It will be worth your while! :-)

Enjoy shopping!!! And follow Elin in Instagram @elin_ph!

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