Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Face Shop Face It Nails in BR802

Last weekend, I met up with friends for dinner at Greeka Kouzina. Afterwards, some of us went to Craft Coffee Workshop to hangout. I was a very good day with friends. It's been a while since we hanged out like that. And Craft was a good venue for talking and catching up.

My childhood friend, Jane, was there with us and she was wearing this pretty gold polish. It looked like gold foil and it just shined every time she moved her fingers and made some hand gestures. Haha! Oh my! Do I sound like a stalker?! :-p She told me that she feels happy just by looking at them and I knew I had to get myself a bottle!

And so, what do you expect? I got myself a bottle last Monday. Hehe! What do you think?

This is The Face Shop Face It Nails in BR802. Unfortunately, Korean brands don't come up with cute names for their polish. Just a bunch of codes, like BR, meaning brown, BL for blue, PK for pink, and so on. As a corollary, gold is like some shade of brown; hence, the BR802 name. :)

It's a beautiful gold foil! I did this in 3 coats, although I really could've stopped at 2. It's very pretty, how it reflects a lot of light. Even if it's metallic, I think it works great for summer because of the warm undertones of gold. The application was very smooth and I had no problems whatsoever in that department.

In the shade

Part of me feels though, like it made my hands look old? Or maybe it just didn't stand out against my skin tone? Or my hands just look too dry and wrinkly? :-O (God forbid.) It looked waaay more beautiful on Jane! If only I had a picture to show you. Shucks!

Here's a close up of the bottle.

I have them on my toes too and I think I like them more there than on my fingers. In the picture below, I'm wearing my favorite (and my only) spiked sandals, Lillian from Tonic Bags and Shoes, to showcase this polish for you.

Lillian from Tonic Bags and Shoes

How do you like it? Or them? The polish and/or shoes? Haha! :) Would you get these for yourself too? :)

I leave you with some pictures I took recently from Greeka and Craft! If you're from the Manila, I really suggest you try these places out! You won't regret it!

Greeka Kouzina is located at 285 P. Guevarra St. San Juan, Metro Manila.
Craft Coffee Workshop is located at 66 Broadway Ave., New Manila, Quezon City.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love this line from The Face Shop! My officemate has this exact same shade and it looks lovely! My favorite is PK102 which is more rose gold. BR802 looks amazing with your sandals (are the spikes painful?)!

    1. I love rose gold! It's my favorite metallic. Have you tried Orly Rage?! It's one of my staples. :) I didn't get PK102 anymore because I thought they looked similar. And BR802 is my first gold. I've avoided gold ever since because I felt it looked old. But you're right, it did match my sandals perfectly, so I was happy about that! :) The sandals are very comfy! It won't hurt you unless you accidentally, hit yourself with it and it could somehow mark your leg, like on the Vaseline commercial when you have dry skin... Haha!

  2. I love your sandals. The gold spikes and transparent films are chic.

    1. Thanks a lot, Gian! They are! And very wearable too! I bought them from Tonic Bags and Shoes! :)