Saturday, May 23, 2015

AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender Review

I'm enjoying my AVENT baby food steamer and blender a lot! It's so convenient and easy to use! Just put some water into the chamber, put the ingredients into the jar, turn it upside down and set to steam, turn it right side up and blend, and you're done! 

I've already tried different recipes and have enjoyed making every one of them! Baby Kal may be picky at times, but I eat all his leftovers. Yum!!!

Here are some recipes that I've tried:
1. Steamed and pureed baby carrots
2. Steamed and pureed squash
3. Steamed and pureed marbled potatoes with breastmilk
4. Steamed and pureed sweet potatoes
5. Steamed and pureed sweet potatoes and baby carrots
6. Steamed and pureed marbled potatoes and baby carrots
7. Steamed and pureed marbled potatoes and spinach --my most adventurous concoction to date (I had to steam the potatoes and spinach separately, something I read with the spinach "juice" and nitrates?)

I highly recommend this product to moms who want to take charge of preparing their baby's solids, but don't have the time and can't make much effort to do so. I was never good at cooking (I think it requires too much preparation.) And I'm not the domesticated / home-maker type, but this tool makes me feel like one. It makes me feel proud every time I am able to make something that my baby likes. Heck, I feel proud every time I get to make something from it. Period.

Tonight, I'm making squash and carrot soup. I'll have baby Kal try some. But mostly, I wanted to make some for myself and try to lead a healthier lifestyle. Hehe! I like that I can also use it for me and the rest of my family, and maximize its usage!

Sharing some pictures of our puree buffet!!

Orange = squash, green = sweet potatoes, yellow = marbled potatoes.

Just look at that texture! Looks so fine and professionally-made!!!

One batch is good for 1-2 days. I store the leftovers in the AVENT storage cups and keep them refrigerated. On the next feeding, I scoop some mush and transfer it to Kal's bowl. And then, I let the bowl sit in hot water to warm the contents. 

You can also use it to just blend (and not steam) fruits. Here, I made some melon shake with my secret ingredient (breastmilk)! Hehe! It tasted soooo good. :-)

I'm excited to try green peas next! Any suggestions on what to cook for 8-12 months? 

I bought this from Baby Company at SM Megamall. Avail of the MOM Card and you can get this for 20% off!! This was actually at 30% off when AVENT had an anniversary sale back in February, but I wasn't interested in this then. (Regret.) Nevertheless, 20% off is still a good deal! The regular price is Php 10,999.75. Also available at Mothercare BGC.

** Update 5/28: We tried potatoes with green peas today and Kal enjoyed it!

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