Saturday, March 9, 2013

My First Ever Polish Swap

Imagine my excitement when I got up to a package from LBC yesterday! It arrived!! My bag of goodies from the beautiful and talented Jeiflyn of Polished Pinay! This is my first time to ever do a swap and it's so cool to find someone to do it with here in the Philippines!

Jeiflyn came up with this brilliant idea and shared it with me. She's never participated in a polish swap either! I'm just so touched that she even thought of me. :) I can't stress enough how the world of blogging and Instagram is such a wonderful world! They get you connected to people whom you've never met before but share the same interests, passions, and obsessions as yours! And you get to make new friends! :) <3

Here's what I received (from left to right, photo below):
OMG (Oh My Golly) Crystal Sand in Emerald
Color Club in Midnight blue (with striper brush)
Revlon Minted
Revlon Tropical Temptation
Nyx Matte Sky Blue
Nyx Matte Baby Pink
Etude House in WH702
+ the Prettify pouch (see photo above)

I can't wait to swatch these for you!

Isn't she thoughtful? She gave me the white polish and the blue striper for my nail art. Such an enabler! :)

And since I've been blogging so much about the OPI Liquid Sand and Zoya PixieDust lately, she thought she'd indulge me with the OMG Crystal Sand! :) What other names could they come up with to mean the same thing? Haha! OMG is actually a local brand here in the Philippines and they came out with this product even before OPI came out with its Liquid Sand. I guess we were just ahead of our time... or we really could've just started this trend, you know. ;)

Then some more matte polish from Nyx! Cute colors! :) And the Revlon mint green and coral polishes.. oooh... I really wanted to buy these for myself! :D

Thank you so much Jeiflyn!! <3

Have you participated in any swaps lately? Aren't they exciting? It kind of felt like Christmas! I didn't realize how much fun it would be! Enjoy your weekend ladies! :)


  1. Aww I'm so touched by this post :) I'm glad those bottles found a lovely new owner with such a kind heart!

    1. I don't know what to say! You're the sweetest! :)

  2. That was sweet! hope that i can do a polish swap with someone as well. this is exciting hihi!

    1. It was fun! You can find a lot of polish enthusiasts through blogs and instagram. I just followed yours! You have a nice collection! Maybe you can find someone who you can swap with too. :)