Saturday, May 23, 2015

TOMS Shoes Philippines

I joined a good cause today. 

For every person that posts a barefoot photo and tags #withoutshoes, @TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a person in need!

It felt good to post this:

TOMS is a brand that I support. With every purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One. Believing in their advocacy aside, I've had quite a few memorable moments with my TOMS.

This is me and my classmate since Kindergarten riding the Singapore MTR on our way to watching Wicked at the Marina Bay Sands. It was my first time in Singapore and my husband and I went there to celebrate the Valentines Day weekend on a double date with my friend and her fiance at the time. It was back in 2012, but joining the TOMS cause today reminded me of this photo. It never gets old. My kinderpwend and I wore our matching TOMS Ash Canvas Women's Classic. Hers and hers. :-) That was the day I saw her cry (to Wicked). And she never cries. :-) Bestfriends for life. #feelingsentimental

Fast forward to when I got pregnant and I needed some comfy shoes for our Hong Kong trip. I ended up buying 2 pairs: the Correa Burlap sandals and the Tie-dye Blue Canvas Women's Classic slip-ons.

I couldn't walk in plain flats. I needed some cushion and support to aid my aching back, pelvis, calves, feet, etc. My TOMS were there and helped me survive the long lines at Victoria Peak and Disneyland.

Now, that's a happy girl! ;-) 

Post-pregnancy, TOMS are still great "mommy shoes". Excellent for when you're on-the-go and looking for comfort.

Lately, I've been lemming over these!! 

TOMS is available at Nothing but H2O stores and online and TOMS branches nationwide. Follow them in Instagram @tomsphilippines.

What's your TOMS story?

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