Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Color Blocked Nails Inspired by the New York Fashion Week featuring Essie Butler Please

I'm very excited to share with you my latest creation! I feel so fashion forward! :D I cannot tell you how distracted I am... There's something about this design that makes my fingers look so long and slender. It's a cool illusion for those who have shorter than the average fingers and nails, like me. :)

This design is first inspired by @susieq1980 's tape mani. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to use the tape properly, so I ended up doing a freehand for my version.

It's also inspired by @martawarmuz 's #skittlette trend. Marta, from ChitChat Nails, defines this as a manicure consisting of two, or three, different accent nails on each hand; as opposed to skittle nails, wherein each nail should have a unique design. I love me some Marta's skittlettes! :*) Here are my favorites!

I've also been dying to use my new favorite blue, Essie's Butler Please from the 2012 Winter collection. Isn't it sooo pretty? Just look at how bright that blue is! I don't understand why there's so much hate around the formula or application. It dries matte, fine, any topcoat can fix that. It's not streaky or uneven. It's a solid two-coater and I'm glad that I took a chance on this. I love it!

I've also seen so many new trends from the New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 runway shows, that I can't help but do something new and creative! :) It helps to be surrounded by so many talented people with overflowing creative juices! Hooray for Instagram! Some trends that I incorporated into this look: milky white polish, dark shades, diagonal color blocking, and gem accents, in place of a glitter gradient.

Here are some links to the 2013 nail polish trends, straight from the runway:
Harper's Bazaar

I used the following polishes: Dazzle Dry base coat, Dazzle Dry top coat, Essie Waltz (an elegant sheer white),  Essie Butler Please (an indulgent bright blue), and Orly Liquid Vinyl (black). Then I used Swarovski crystals for the gem accents.

I went through 4 iterations. Haha! From upper left, clockwise: 1) freehand mani, 2) with OPI Crown Me Already glitter gradient, 3) with rhinestones and sponged tips, and 4) with rhinestones only. Which one of the four do you like the best? I knew I wanted to add something to spice it up. If only I had silver metal studs, I think they would have been perfect!

Lastly, I thought I'd just pose with my favorite "cuticle cream", Jack Black's Industrial Strength Hand Healer. It's the exact same color. Hehe!

It feels good to be back! Happy reading! :)


  1. I also loved my Butler Please the first time I used it. But the second time, it went thick and gloopy! Had to shake it before I painted each nail! :(

    1. Oh really?? That's terrible! Have you tried mixing it with a solvent? That's such a waste of great color. :(

    2. I think this is my fave one so far!! and the monochromatic nails!! :)
      Hard to choose, everything looks so pretty! How can you bear to take them off??

      Please make a Philippine inspired one, for your readers away from home! :)-minch

    3. Hi Minch! Thanks for all the support! :) I'm gaining a lot of momentum, so motivated right now :D They're all tough to take off, but I can't resist trying something new! :)

      Thanks for the suggestion! I'll start thinking about it! :D Hope to see you again soon! Enjoy London!! <3