Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skulls Nail Art for Halloween

This is another post for Polished Inthecity. Because I know how much she loves her skulls accessories, I updated my manicure with this design to match! :)

Not sure if you can tell. Perhaps it's more obvious with a white background. They're supposed to be skulls, okay? :)

It's perfect for Halloween too, don't you think? It's inspired by this tutorial from @simplenailartdesigns in Instagram. The video is also available in youtube.

This design is very easy to follow and to do with my Sassy nail art pens. I just used the mechanical tip to draw it. Sharing with you my collection of 10 colors!

Trust me. If you want to do nail art, you got to have these in your arsenal. At Php 36 a piece, there's nothing to lose! I got these from various Watsons branches. I've been to the ones at Eastwood by the 1800 bldg., at Virra Mall, and at SM Hypermart in C5. I'm not sure if this is the complete set, but I'll be sure to get all the colors that I can find.

The following skulls-themed accessories will be available at the Mercato bazaar. But you can also get them online at Polished Inthecity's Facebook page.

BR1 Skulls @ Php 60 each
BR2 Skullz with chain @ Php 60 each
Pirates and Bullets @ Php 280 each

Here's a creepy picture for you. Trick or Treat!! :)

P.S. Thanks, Raissa. We finally found some use for this creepy marshmallow pickle head. Haha!

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  1. Hey Karen! Love the holographic polish you've used on your thumb and middle finger. What did you use? :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for leaving a message! That's China Glaze I'm Not Lion from the Safari collection. Believe me, it's amazing!!! Go get it, if you're thinking about it! :D I have more pictures in the post before this one if you want to look at the polish bottle and a close up shot.