Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

When people greet me a happy birthday, I can't help but say "Happy birthday!" back! It's just too happy a greeting to keep to yourself! There's just so much more love and joy in spreading it around!

So to all of you, I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

With a birthday card to boot! :) I made this some years ago, inspired by my faaaaavorite stamp-making company, Hero Arts! Get more birthday card inspirations here. You can see where I got mine from. ;)

I bought the clear stamp set locally from Auntie Helen, over at Memory Lane Store! Check out her website! Or better yet, visit her store! You'll drown in a sea of scrapbooking materials and other arts and crafts supplies!!! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Enjoy and keep spreading the love! <3

** UPDATE: Wanted to add a few of the most touching messages I received today. <3

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