Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tonic Pink Jenica Plastic Peep Toe Wedges

Hello everyone! I can't resist but to squeeze in a short post here.

These are my new pink wedges from Tonic and I just love them to juicy jelly bits and pieces!!! (Drool...)

They caught my eye when I first saw them online. And they did not disappoint! When I wore them, oh wow! I felt like Barbie! Haha!

Kim brought these for me last week when we played badminton. I just had to try them on the moment I got home! You'll see me below still in my post-badminton outfit. Heehee

And of course, I had to wear them that same weekend. We were going to the new mall, Robinson's Magnolia, to watch "Katy Perry The Movie: Part of Me" and I thought they'd be perfect! But alas, we were mistaken and the cinema didn't show it in the evening. :,(  I ended up watching "The Campaign" with Kacy (thanks for being a true friend haha!), while all the others switched to "The Possession". (For the life of me, I can never ever EVER watch a horror movie.) To end our evening, there's nothing like a good old classic Banana Split from the Magnolia Creamery! :)

My outfit for the day: Mango dipped hem cold shoulder top, Mango tie dye skinny jeans, Tonic Pink Jenica plastic peep toe wedges, Agnes B. black tote bag, Forever 21 layered necklace, Thomas Sabo charm bracelet, and Swatch date ring.

Great elevation! My shoes kept my feet dry when it rained that night. :) Perfect for those unexpected rain showers! And needless to say, they were comfy to shop around in!

Here is the product shot.
You can order these beauties online from Tonic Bags and Shoes! These are also available in The Ramp Glorietta, The Ramp Trinoma, Wisdom Rockwell, PopCulture Alabang Town Center, and The Maze Ayala Cebu.

If you feel like pink is too loud for you, these come in bone white too! Check out the Jenica album and see for yourself!

Before we end this post, I have a surprise for you! What's a post without any nail art? Haha!

Here's a preview to Kim's aztec nails challenge! Don't they look so good with the shoes?? :)

Details to follow in the next post! Hope you enjoyed this one for a change. :)

Thanks for reading!

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