Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blogging--A Big First

My latest love are nail polishes. I created an album in my Facebook account entitled "Hi, My name is Karen and I'm a Nail Polish Hoarder". So now, do you have any idea how much I'm obsessed about them? :-D 
I started by uploading pictures of my nails in different colors/combos/designs and then listing the brand names and colors of the polishes. Later on, I became more expressive. I just had to talk about them. And for those who know me, when I like something, I mean like really like something, I become very animated, passionate, obsessed, surf-the-net-about-it-before-sleeping-at-night obsessed. Right. Obsessed. Anyway, you get the picture.

I've been getting my polishes from my friend, Ivy, who sells them online through Facebook (Polished Inthecity). So, it was so easy for me to just order and get new stock from her. I even get to visit her nail spa when the new shipment comes in. She's the one who really got me thinking about blogging. (Thank you!!!)

But what's funny was that she didn't think about it when I was posting my nails. It wasn't until I posted my "Hello Kitty" album that got her calling me one day, asking me to start one. :)
I think I'm in for the long haul. I've been keeping all my thoughts in my head, if not in my Moleskine journal, my tea journal, my wine journal, my cardmaking/scrapbooking/crafts clear book, my wedding planner, my dog records, my work notebook... I'm starting to lose track. I seem to have some form of documentation for each of my interests. My friends don't seem to be surprised anymore when I get into something new.

Some of my many notebooks and journals

And of course, I've been sharing all these and more to my second half, the extension of myself, my everdearest husband, who patiently and lovingly listens to all my nonsense ramblings. (I love you!!! And sorry, but you don't have a choice ;))

Now that I'm actually doing this, I'm very happy that I did! I was never the one to openly share my thoughts. I like keeping things to myself; hence, all my journals. This is a big first for me, so let's see how it goes!

What's your reason for blogging? Maybe you can share your blog link here and talk about it. I'd love to check it out and learn something from you!

Thanks for reading!

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